Since 2006 Guya Marini and Carmen D’Apollonio have been passionately creating objects and fashion under the name ‘Ikou Tschüss’. Their creations are displayed in their flagship store in Zurich, which opened in 2010. Another branch designed by the renowned artist Urs Fischer opened in New York City in 2012.

Ikou Tschüss is a Zurich based brand established by the long-term friends Carmen D’Apollonio and Guya Marini. Both share a mutual circle of friends in the arts andapparel industry, but moreover a passion for handcrafted objects and clothing. Their aim is to create products that not only appeal to their community, but are also sustainable as regards manufacturing and distribution. Therefore, Carmen and Guya chose to use natural fibers and recycling materials, which have become an essential part within their production process since building their brand in 2006. The core aspects of their work are networking, strong relationships with clients as well as manufacturers. This approach enables them to give their brand a personal and unique touch, which is shown in handcrafted individuals items, mini series as well as different fabrics and techniques.

Their product range has broadened considerably over the years beyond their signature piece ‘The Crocheted Silk Scarf’, incorporating different materials and allowing them to enter into various collaborations. Having the desire to create and be surrounded by beautiful objects, the designers draw their inspiration from everyday life. The source for their versatile and unique designs lays somewhere between thrift shops, archives and commodities. ‘Ikou Tschüss’ does not follow the conventional production cycles of the industry, but rather puts emphasize on products of high quality and the aesthetics. By incorporating various elements ‘Ikou Tschüss’ encourages sustainable creativity as well as an eco friendly environment.